Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Squeaky Clean Burgers

The food industry has many dirty little secrets. Things they don't share with us consumers and things some of the us simply don't want to know because to know means we must make a conscious decision and well, who has time for that?

Food Inc has brought a lot of facts about our "food" to the public. Beef is a prime example.

The NY Times recent article, Safety of Beef Processing Is Questioned, about the very beef fed to our children in schools and fast food chains exposed a dirty little secret and has awakened some consumers. Yes, they inject beef we eat with floor cleaner.

But let's not get our panties in a bunch, you know, it's all for our welfare, to kill ecoli and other harmful critters, hey, it's FDA and USDA approved, it's all good, they know best, we're just, well, people and they are corporate America here to guide us in what is truly safe. Thank goodness!

That doesn't even get into the horror of the much touted "corn-fed" beef.

The impact of more corn being fed into our beef is even more GMOs into our diet! (not to mention very unhappy uncomfortable unhealthy cattle.)

That got me thinking, why is it that the ground beef we get at the grocery store is red on the outside but when we get home we see it's brown inside that layer? According to

It is a common industry practice to infuse ground beef with carbon monoxide gas, which keeps beef red for weeks after it actually spoils, tricking consumers into buying bad meat.

So how much poison is ok with you in your daily food intake? It's time we make a choice, not based upon alleged "convenience" in our busy lives, but based upon over very lives.

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