Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wowee, my first Award

Carolyn from Taste a Beet chose me for the Kreativ Blogger Award and I am ever so grateful! This is what she wrote about my blog: "Annie is amazingly versed in organic foods, green cleaning, how to buy local, and mostly how to live with principle when there isn’t any around you." Thank you, Carolyn! I am honored to be one of your picks and appreciate your kind words very much.

Be sure to head over to Taste a Beet (don't you love the name of that blog! I mean, even if you don't like beets, and if you don't then I believe you haven't had them prepared properly, you gotta love the bold title.) and check out her creative ways to include the eleven best foods you’re not eating.

The way this award works is to pay it forward to 10 other people. So here are my nominees in no official order:
  1. Carolyn chose her but I'm going to have to be a copy-cat and offer up this award to Kimberly, The Nourishing Gourmet. Her blog is easy to read and offers a wealth of information that allows the reader to apply new ideas into our lives. I also love her pictures. Follow her journey to good health through real food.

  2. Melinda with One Green Generation blogs about green and frugal living. She shares tips on making small changes in the way we live to help preserve our planet and create sustainable communities for our future.

  3. Edrian is the quintessential creative blogger with her beautiful art work and etsy shop cuties. Her creativity focuses on things kids would like or parents would like for their children and she's working on her first illustrated children's book.

  4. Anne Marie is a Cheeseslave who is passionate about food. Her blog offers a plethora of information on healthy eating based upon Nourishing Traditions. She also organizes the Real Food Media blog network dedicated to slow and traditional food. Her motto says it all: "For the love of cheese. And bacon. And butter. And raw milk. And all those other things we’re not supposed to eat." What's not to love there, right?

  5. Beth at Fake Plastic Fish is an inspiration to plastic-free living, well, as plastic-free as one can get in today's world. Beth makes this challenge seem attainable and admits to her successes and disappointments. She includes information that is pertinent to living a healthier life and tips to help heal the planet and our bodies by reducing the use of plastic.

  6. The New Hunter Gatherer is Justine who adds articles, news information, videos, and shares her no-nonsense approach to frugal healthing living through Nourishing Traditions and the GAPS diet after reclaiming the health of her family through food.

  7. Katrina at Kale for Sale enticed me with the name of her blog because anyone who knows me knows that I love Kale, then it reads: "Grandpa's wooden sign hung on the oak at the top of the hill for thirty years. "What is kale?" I finally asked." and I was hooked with the answer. You'll just have to check it out yourself to find out. Love her pictures, Haiku Friday, Local Produce listing for her area, and her dedication to eating locally.

  8. Bonnie and the great researchers and writers at the Ethicurean have been a long-time favorite. This blog celebrates cooking, keeps us abreast of the laws, discusses food recalls, and honors the ethicurean in us all.

  9. Holly offers up Sustainable Suppers where you will learn everything from no-pooing to delicious healthful recipes. She shares her passion for food in her own sassy style with her very back to basics approach.

  10. Kelly the Kitchen Kop shares her real life changes to Weston Price/Nourishing Traditions eating in her family even with teenagers (and his friends) and shares tips to make it work in your family too. She runs the Real Food Wednesdays which I have enjoyed participating in of recent.
Gosh it was so easy to get these 10 and I frequent posts reguarly so I'm sure I missed some other well deserving bloggers. Please don't take offense, I'm sure this award will come your way too.

Congrats Kreativ Bloggers and thank you for making our space more fun and inspirational!


  1. Thank you for your nomination! I feel so honored that you picked me. I'll be posting about it soon...

  2. Annie,
    Thanks. You deserve the award. When Delicious Organics was still around (God I miss you guys!), you taught me so much about food, especially vegetables. Thanks!!!

  3. This is hands down the prettiest award I've ever received and the very sweetiest that you wrote about everyone. Thank you. I'm happy to have found your blog.


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